Music producer and entrepreneur, Daniel Figueiredo is known as one of the most successful music score composers in Brazil, Daniel has written music scores for over 20 TV series broadcast over 150 countries, besides many films. Successful telenovelas soundtracks such as “The Mutants: Pathways of the Heart”, “Opposite Lives”, “The Law and The Crime”, “Joseph from Egypt”, “The Promised Land” and the great phenomenon, “Moses and the Ten Commandments”.

Daniel holds the record as the “Greatest number of songs in simultaneous execution in a TV series”. Between February and November 2017, he had 794 songs played in a single TV series. As songwriter he participated as composer/performer in over 16 thousand recordings.


Daniel has already participated in many works with great international names of music, various albums indicated for the Latin Grammy, among them “Fruto de amor”, by Aline Barros, elected Best Christian Music Album and “Nosso samba tá na Rua”, by Beth Carvalho, winner in the category Best Samba Album.

The album “Surreal” written and produced by Daniel and Roman Miroshnichenko was nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2013. Daniel won the “Entertainment Professional Awards” in 2015 and 2016 as Best Music Producer and in 2018 also won the “Musical Professional Awards”.  In 2020, “Leo Amuedo Plays Daniel Figueiredo”  was nominated for the Latin Grammy as Best Instrumental Album.


The film “Moses and The Ten Commandments” became the greatest audience of all time in Brazil, with 11.215 million tickets sold. The documentary Death Protocol entered a list for Oscar nomination as best Original Score and best Original Song. Daniel has also worked for the American industry, on the movies “Transmigration”, “Dangerous Methods”, “Mental Way”, “Prestigi” and “The Heartbreaker”


Daniel is co-founder and CEO in the companies MusicSolution (music production for films and TV), Up-Tracks (music library)  and AudioXpression (audio digital applications).

Daniel endorses the brands: PRS Guitars (USA), PreSonus (USA), Blueberry (Canada), CME Pro (China), UVI (France) and Wire Conex (Brazil), PiGuitars e Fractal Audio.